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Brumbaugh Construction Projects

As one of the Miami Valley’s leading commercial contractors, Brumbaugh Construction, Inc. has completed a broad range of commercial building projects over the years. Our experience includes projects of all sizes and scopes in the public and private sectors. 

Elevating Communities

in Additions-And-Renovations

Nestled in Arcanum, Ohio, Brumbaugh Construction proudly serves a 60-mile radius, a sphere of influence extending to Dayton's vibrant city and neighboring regions throughout the Miami Valley. This span allows us to contribute significantly to both the urban and suburban landscapes, shaping dreams and building futures.

Extending Our Reach

The heartbeat of our service area is Dayton, which offers a thriving backdrop for our construction endeavors. From reinvigorating historical charm to completing modern commercial buildings, our projects seamlessly blend tradition with innovation. We're dedicated to the city's growth and are humbled to play a part in its transformation. Beyond Dayton, our construction acumen flourishes within a 60-mile radius. This wide-ranging territory reaches as far north as Wapakoneta & Celina and cities south of Dayton, including Springboro, Middletown & Oxford, from Richmond, Indiana in the West to Springfield in the East. Such extensive coverage ensures that our services remain accessible while catering to the distinctive needs of each locale.

Other major cities we serve include:
•    Arcanum, OH
•    Beavercreek, OH
•    Brookville, OH
•    Celina, OH
•    Centerville, OH
•    Dayton, OH
•    Eaton, OH
•    Englewood, OH
•    Fairborn, OH
•    Greenville, OH
•    Huber Heights, OH
•    Miamisburg, OH
•    Middletown, OH
•    Moraine, OH
•    Oxford, OH
•    Piqua, OH 
•    Richmond, IN
•    Sidney, OH
•    Springboro, OH
•    Springfield, OH
•    Tipp City, OH
•    Trotwood, OH
•    Troy, OH
•    Union City, IN
•    Vandalia, OH
•    Wapakoneta, OH
•    Xenia, OH
•    Yellow Springs, OH

A Collaborative Vision

Working within this wide radius is not only about construction but signifies collaboration as well. We acknowledge the unique aspirations and challenges of every community within our service area. Hence, our projects are carefully tailored to align with local visions.

In our role as builders, we also become partners. By working closely with stakeholders and valuing local insights, we create projects that mirror the spirit of the communities we serve. This approach ensures that our constructions are not just structures but reflections of the character and aspirations of the people we collaborate with.

From our Arcanum base to the Dayton cityscape and the sprawling landscapes within our radius, Brumbaugh’s impact is diverse. We are committed to realizing dreams, shaping communities, and fostering growth through quality craftsmanship, innovative design, and meaningful collaboration. We take pride in the structures we build and the relationships we nurture as we continue to craft a future that stands on solid foundations—literally and figuratively.